Open letter to moderators for the 2016 presidential debates


Here are three suggested questions that bear on U.S. political polarization. They are rarely posed but U.S. voters deserve responses to them from the candidates.

  1. To both candidates: The United States now has the most extreme partisan polarization and gridlock since the Civil War. When either party takes power it seems willing to in effect disenfranchise voters for the other party. If you are elected president are you prepared to live with this condition, i.e. assign responsibility for it to the other party, or do you have ideas to achieve more harmonious political governance?
  2. To Donald Trump: The U.S. now has the most extreme disparity in income and especially wealth since the boom just before the stock market crash in 1929. The Republican Party has consistently opposed any proportional increase in personal taxes on the top income brackets. Can you envisage any change by you or the Party in this position?
  3. To Hillary Clinton: For some 40 years industry has complained about the effects of excessive regulation and suggested that it has been a major factor in the loss of U.S. manufacturing. Your campaign to date has not acknowledged validity in such concerns. What is your position on regulations? Keep things as they are, consider reforms, or increase regulation in given areas, as proposed by environmental organizations?

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