Frank T. Manheim is an Affiliate Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow at the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs, George Mason University, Arlington VA. Major interests are in U.S. science and environmental regulatory policy, political history, and comparisons of U.S. policies with those of advanced European nations.

“If we don’t have balanced and accurate information on problems, we’re unlikely to solve them”

Manheim found it hard to get straight, in-depth information on conflicts over environmental policy and other problems he was exposed to in his professional career as a federal government ocean and earth scientist. After retirement he Joined George Mason University and has tracked the origin of U.S. policy problems across various barriers including academic disciplinary boundaries and political sensitivities. The U.S. problem of getting solid information is aggravated by the overload of publications and post 1960s American tendencies to ignore foreign perspectives.


This site presents independent reports on contemporary problems and issues, using historical analysis and diverse information sources. I seek insights that can hold up in open-minded evaluation.