Why corporate taxes should not increase but personal income tax rates should be more steeply progressive than the Biden 2020 campaign proposal

U.S. progressives call for higher corporate and personal taxes. Conservatives want no tax increases. There are practical, overlooked arguments for a different scenario that can stimulate manufacturing and industry by keeping current corporate rates while steeply increasing high-level personal income taxes. The Biden campaign proposes to increase corporate taxes to 28%. Though below pre-Trump administration […]

The U.S. has entered a 21st Century “Gilded Age”. Can earlier history offer insights on reform?

The “Gilded Age” from 1870 to ~1890 was a time of rampant public and private corruption. Congressional seats could be bought and sold. “Robber Barons” made giant killings through monopolies and manipulation – and brought on devastating panics. The signposts are all around us that ethics in government and society have deteriorated. In recent years record […]